Comparison of AJAX JSF libraries functionality and interoperabilityMaster's thesis

Master's thesis

Abstract: This thesis compares functionality of four popular JavaServer Faces component libraries—RichFaces, ICEfaces, OpenFaces, and PrimeFaces. This thesis demonstrates differences between them, highlights their unique features, and research their interoperability. A demo application that would demonstrate interoperability of these libraries is created as a part of the thesis.

Thesis can be downloaded from Czech registry of theses

DbUnit support for NetBeans IDE

Bachelor's thesis

Abstract: This thesis is focused on creating a module that would integrate DbUnit into NetBeans IDE. The introduction to DbUnit explains why unit testing is important and also explains how to make testing of database applications much easier. Brief introduction to the NetBeans Platform helps to understand the Platform, its APIs, and shows how it can help programmers to save their time and resources. In the following chapters, the desired features of the module are described and the process of creating the module is explained.

Thesis can be downloaded from Czech registry of theses